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Software Transition
Posted on Feb 9th, 2022
January 4, 2022
For more than 30 years, The Emmons Company has prided itself on providing best in class community management services.  As our valued client, it is important for us to share with you an exciting enhancement to our services, designed to elevate our client’s experience.  We are pleased to announce the launch of new management software and banking solution during the month of February 2022.   
Vantaca is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software solution that includes many of the capabilities our clients have long requested, and we’ve wanted to provide.   A few of the functions of the software include:
  • Effective, streamlined communication tools through automated email, text, and app notifications
  • Top security of client data by using Microsoft Azure platform
  • Secure Banking Interface, allowing direct, easy online payments
  • Ability to post and expense to multiple AR, AP and bank accounts on a single balance sheet
  • Online Board Member Portal:  full transparency of the Association’s financial records
  • Online Owner Portals: easy access for payments, account information, documents, calendars      
Due to the sale of the Union Bank’s HOA Division to Pacific Western Bank, we carefully analyzed our options regarding Association banking services.   The safety and security of client funds is always our priority.   We are proud to announce a new partnership with Pacific Premier Bank for client operating accounts.  Pacific Premier Bank is a commercial bank with assets of approximately $20 billion and a unique specialization in meeting the banking needs of community association management companies.  The integration between Pacific Premier Bank and Vantaca software will allow us to provide our clients with the best community management capabilities in the industry.  Pacific Premier Bank also offers one-stop investment options for reserves and HOA loans for capital improvement projects. 
New bank signature cards will be provided, and our team will work directly with the appropriate Board members to complete the necessary forms for a smooth transition. 
We plan to distribute an announcement to owners in your association with the next billing cycle about expanded dues payment options.  Thank you for your continued trust in The Emmons Company.  We are committed to providing the most seamless transition for our clients, while adding innovative features and benefits to better serve you.  We appreciate your patience and support in advance as we move into and through this transition.
Kathy Emmons Denning